Firewood Sales

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high quality firewood, redlands

Get the best firewood around!

Tree Problem No Problem sells high-quality, sustainable firewood from local trees that are processed during the day – meaning you get to enjoy an eco friendly and low waste product.

Firewood can be a great fuel source for keeping you warm, but there’s more to it than just throwing some logs in the fireplace.

Queensland hardwoods are the perfect choice for your next fire – they’ll give you a longer, hotter burn than others states such as NSW woods.

Get your fireplace roaring with some top notch logs today – no need to wait ’til winter arrives!

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local firewood sales, redlands

Dense hardwoods like Queensland Ironbark and Cypress Pine have an incredibly high energy output; their durability makes them last longer when burning too!

Local Queensland hardwoods have a higher density and contain less water, meaning they will burn longer with more heat generated. To get the most warmth from your fire, look no further than woods indigenous to Queensland.

Plus by buying local, you’re supporting regional timber producers while enjoying cozy fireside comfort all winter (or year) long!

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